Whether I am traveling to new places or just having lunch in a restaurant a mile from my house, I am always looking for interesting things to photograph. I do my best to capture the essence of the place as I experienced it, rather than simply recording that I was there.

I focus on what stands out to me. It could be an odd roadside attraction, a funky art installation, an interesting play of light and shadows in an otherwise dull spot, or a vintage sign that’s seen better days. It’s one of those things that as a photographer it’s hard to quantify to other people. You just know it when you see it.

And in some instances it turns out that the small details, textures and grains of the subject are more interesting to look at than the standard “postcard shot” that was intended in the first place. These attributes provide the atmosphere that can become lost when viewing the scene as a whole.

Here you will find those images that captured my attention and I hope that they will capture yours as well.

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