Nature is full of miracles that no one has ever seen. It is beautiful, wild and free – especially free. I’ve yet to come across a fox or barn owl that has requested a modeling release for their time.

I try to photograph nature in more of an artistic way versus just documenting what’s there. I focus on details, light, colors and moods using creative camera techniques to capture the beauty of a scene. My wanderings into the wilderness often serve as getaways from the every day noise of life. These travels allow me to spend my time surrounded by the peaceful beauty of nature. I prefer the buzz of a honeybee to that of a smartphone.

If I happen to capture a great shot every now and again then I consider it a bonus to an already rewarding experience. I think Yulia Vturina best explains what we feel as photographers in the wild:

Sometimes you can just look at your feet and see an abstract picture in the fallen leaves, hear music in the rustle of raindrops between the branches, notice that the flowers in the meadow dancing in the wind look like the work of the impressionists. This is my world, and this is that I want to show in my pictures.

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