20 Nov 2016
Arnold Schwarzenegger

And I’m Back!!!

Whew.. it’s been a while. I have been so swamped with my day job that I had let the site go stale. In some cases, putting in sixty (60) hour weeks for almost the entirety of the last half of the year. Needless to say, this hectic schedule hasn’t given me much time to continue my photographic studies or really do anything at all other than the basics: work, sleep and eat. Rinse and repeat. In other news, I also […]

04 Feb 2016

Shootin’ 60

Our first week of PHOT1050 has come to an end and our assignment this week was to just go out and shoot sixty (60) images of anything that caught our eye just to get more familiar with our cameras. Thankfully I’ve been using my camera as much as possible on my off days so learning the camera wasn’t my biggest hurdle. It was finding something that I thought was interesting enough to shoot. Since I currently don’t have available studio […]

22 Jan 2016

Back to School

“Back to School, Back to School” I feel a little like ol’ Billy. I’ll be heading back to my alma mater for a secondary bachelors in photography. It feels like a very long ten (10) years since I graduated… man I’m old… lol. I took a tour of the campus the other day and parts of it look so much different than I remember – at least the parts that still exist. MTSU (www.mtsu.edu) has gone through a lot of […]

10 Dec 2015
Homer Simpson Woo Hoo

Welcome to Our New Site

Welcome new visitors and old friends! If this is your first time visiting our website then you probably won’t notice the change in scenery around here;however, for those who frequented our old site you’ll notice quite a drastic change in terms of design and functionality. We taken a more modern, minimalist approach to focus on showcasing our work while eliminating as many distractions for our visitors as possible. We’ve also added links to our Etsy store, a newly created Instagram […]