Various Works

In my daily journeys, I do my best to observe not only the larger forms that dominate the landscape, but also the smaller fragments that either make up or adorn these forms. I try to look beyond the obvious, to see the overlooked and forgotten. I try to “see instead of just look” for lack of a better expression, and to become intimate with everything, including the lost, the fallen, and the degraded. That’s what you will find in these various works.

Seeing, in the finest and boldest sense, means using your senses, your intellect, and your emotions. It means encountering your subject matter with your whole being. It means looking beyond the labels of things and discovering the remarkable world around you. – Freeman Patterson

There is life to be found in the details, the geometric patterns on a manhole cover, the knots and grain of a dead log in the woods, or the textures present on an old rusty gate. Above all, I resist the temptation to ignore things that are not easily identifiable. In my experience, true beauty seldom lends itself to names, labels, or classifications.

In this post, I invite you see some of the various things that have crossed my visual path in recent days and encourage you to focus on the texture, lines, and hues of the compositions to derive your own meanings and emotion from these images.

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