Shootin’ 60

Our first week of PHOT1050 has come to an end and our assignment this week was to just go out and shoot sixty (60) images of anything that caught our eye just to get more familiar with our cameras. Thankfully I’ve been using my camera as much as possible on my off days so learning the camera wasn’t my biggest hurdle. It was finding something that I thought was interesting enough to shoot. Since I currently don’t have available studio space – a problem that I’m hoping to rectify soon – I decided to just go to travel somewhere new and see if anything struck me.

I went to Gainesville hoping to find something interesting but didn’t really find anything that peaked my interest.

Next over to Gainesboro. Here I found an closed down mom and pop grocery store with a pretty awesome sign labeled “Foodland”. I really dig these vintage style signs and grabbed a few shots from different angles.

Finally I went to good ol’ reliable – Cookeville – and found a couple of new things that caught my eye. One of them was a neat graffiti origami crane that I’d never seen before off the square. The next was a classic Coca Cola advertisement on the side of a building and the last one was a really cool art deco style sign for Office Mart. I’m a child of the 80s so anytime Blue Raspberry and Pink are used together.. I’m in.

I ended up getting about ninety (90) shots for the day – not bad but nothing really outstanding. Out of those.. these are my keepers.

Stay tuned for the results of our next assignment – Depth of Field and Motion.

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